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Weather and Recommended Clothing

『Cherry blossoms 』の画像『From the sea 』の画像
『Sarugajo Valley』の画像『Amur adonis 』の画像

Compared to Tokyo, Kitaibaraki has cooler summers and warmer winters, making it more comfortable throughout the year.
Refer to the temperature and recommended clothing illustrations below when going out.



The average temperature in April is 10.9℃ (51.6℉), so a light coat may still be necessary at night.


In May, the average temperature rises to 14.7℃ (58.4℉), and on sunny days, layering up can feel quite hot.


The average temperature in June is 17.9℃ (64.2℉), and from then on, we enter the rainy season, when the weather gradually becomes more damp and humid.



The average temperature in July is 21.6℃ (70.8℉), and people may feel hot and humid even when wearing short sleeves.


The average temperature in August is 23.5℃ (74.3℉). It is hot and humid, but quite cool compared to Tokyo.


The average temperature in September is 20.9℃ (69.6℉). The summer heat is still lingering, so short sleeves are a comfortable option.



In October, the temperature drops to an average of 15.9℃ (60.6℉). It is a good idea to bring one long sleeve shirt to wear when it gets cold.


The average temperature in November is 10.8℃ (51.4℉). The temperature is getting even cooler now. The autumn leaves in Hanazono turn a bright red and yellow, attracting many tourists to Hanazono Valley and Sarugajo Valley.



The average temperature for December is 6.2℃ (43.1℉). The temperature has dropped further and you can't go out without your coat. You can feel the dryness in the air.


The average temperature for January is 3.6℃ (38.4℉), and although the cold continues, the weather remains clear and crisp.


The average temperature in February is 3.7℃ (38.6℉). It rarely snows, and the weather is dry and cold.


The average temperature in March is 6.2℃ (43.16℉), which is still chilly and you can't go out without your coat.