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~Harmony with Nature and Art Enjoy Kitaibaraki~

Kitaibaraki City is located at the northernmost tip of Ibaraki Prefecture in the Kanto region. The coastline in the northern part of the city is home to gushing hot springs and mineral springs, minshuku and ryokan inns, as well as an abundance of seafood and beautiful scenery unique to the Izura coast. In the mountains, there are multiple valleys, including the Hanazono Valley and Sarugajo Valley, which are famous for their autumn leaves, as well as the Hanazono Shrine, which was built about 1,200 years ago. These mountainous areas offer hiking spots where you can enjoy the seasonal changes in nature. It is a popular tourist destination located only 100 minutes from Tokyo Station by limited express train.
In addition, Kitaibaraki City, which is a great fishing area, has long been famous for its anglerfish fishing. Kitaibaraki City is said to be the birthplace of the anglerfish nabe hot pot, as fishermen in Kitaibaraki used to prepare and eat this dish to warm themselves up while on their boats. In the Edo period (1603-1868), about 300 years ago, the Mito clan used to offer anglerfish to the Tokugawa Shogunate every November. Against this historical background, anglerfish nabe hot pot became popular around 1955, when it was first served in minshuku inns and restaurants. Today, Kitaibaraki is known all over Japan as the best place to enjoy anglerfish cuisine.

 『Bird's-eye view 』の画像

 『Izura Coast』の画像

 『Otsu Port』の画像

『Dobujiru Soup』の画像

『Hanazono Valley』の画像