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Anglerfish Featured Section

『Dobujiru Soup』の画像

Anglerfish and Anglerfish Liver: A Gift from the Ocean, the Foie Gras of the Sea



Hirakata Port: Fishing grounds for anglerfish

Anglerfish of Kitaibaraki is caught in the plentiful fishing grounds known as Joban-oki. The fish is in season during the winter months of November through March. The liver of anglerfish, also known as the "foie gras of the sea," is large and fatty, and the meat is full of flavor from the cold winter weather. This is truly a dish you will never forget. The best way to enjoy anglerfish liver is nabe hot pot style! Enjoy some anglerfish nabe hot pot, which is popular all over Japan!

Dobujiru Soup

『Dobujiru Soup Anglerfish』の画像

Dobujiru soup is a local dish of Kitaibaraki. It is said that the fishermen of Hirakata originally started eating it to keep warm while on their boats, as anglerfish were not a popular seller at the time.
The rich flavor is achieved by grilling the liver of the anglerfish directly in the pot, adding miso, and simmering it using only water contained in the anglerfish and vegetables. Since no extra water is added, the flavor of the anglerfish is packed into this soup bursting with flavor.

Anglerfish Nabe Hot Pot

『あんこう鍋 あんこう特集』の画像

Since it is based on the cooking method of dobujiru soup, Kitaibaraki City's anglerfish nabe hot pot is made with miso. The nabe hot pot contains a thick broth in which the anglerfish liver is blended in just like dobujiru soup, the seven parts of the anglerfish, and plenty of seasonal vegetables, tofu, and shirataki konnyaku noodles. It is a dish that has been nationally recognized by winning the gold medal at various Nabe Grand Prix competitions. In other regions, salt- or soy-sauce-based anglerfish nabe hot pots are also available.

Anglerfish Liver

『Anglerfish Liver』の画像

The most prized part of the anglerfish is the liver.
Unlike the simple flavored parts, the liver has a rich flavor. The well-fattened liver has been compared to foie gras.
When steamed, the liver is recommended to be served with a refreshing ponzu sauce.

Anglerfish Liver-based Ramen

『Anglerfish Liver-based Ramen』の画像

Marumitsu Ryokan, which won the Japan National Nabe One Grand Prix two times in a row, has created this ramen so anyone can enjoy anglerfish all year round. The amazing taste features noodles mixed with an anglerfish liver based soup. This is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy this amazing dish.



Tomozu-ae is made by boiling the simple flavored fish meat, collagen-rich skin and stomach, and serving it with a mixture of anglerfish liver and vinegared miso (the tomo in tomozu-ae means liver). Enjoy the different textures of each part of the anglerfish.

National Anglerfish Summit


In January, when anglerfish are in season, Kitaibaraki, the birthplace of anglerfish hot pot, holds the annual National Anglerfish Summit, a festival showcasing anglerfish dishes from all over Japan. The event attracts loads of people nationwide who come to see the amazing array of anglerfish nabe hot pots and anglerfish dishes.

Anglerfish Summit

『Anglerfish Summit』の画像


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